“It seems to be a given that appearance is a major factor in a good or great review. After the baseline issue of appearance, it gets more amorphous. Personally, I don’t go for rating the appearance of women in general or dommes in particular, but I will concede that most subs must feel physical attraction to the Mistress. Too much focus on appearance runs into the risk of objectification of the Mistress and that takes away from the interaction, from being in the moment. Mistress Chloe has been very careful with the photos she shares to protect her privacy. Anyone lucky enough to share time with her is well aware how stunning she is, so for purposes of this review, that first baseline aspect is a given.

In pursuing the thought of what makes a great session, I think about new Mistresses who burst upon the scene and get some great reviews. Such young, relatively new and inexperienced Mistresses surely deserve the praise they receive. I suspect that in the absence of well honed skill or experience, they are able to garner such reviews because they have passion.

I wondered what else, besides passion, could account for positive responses?

When I think about my multiple sessions with Mistress Chloe, I found what I believe may be the answer.... intuition. It would be unfair to discount skill and experience, something Mistress Chloe has, and I don’t, but for me, the game changer is… intuition. For those who have sessioned more than a few times, I believe you can relate to this point – when the moment comes, in a session, (and there can be more than one), where there is a tipping point - a point in the session where the moment is “charged” and the scene is flowing - where the Mistress’s choices are going to make the complete and total difference between a nice session and great one - where the tone of voice, the decision to touch, or withhold touch, is going to make a huge difference between enhancement or diminishment of the scene. This is where certain mistresses, and in particular, Mistress Chloe, separates herself from others. In those moments, the submissive is truly at the mercy of the Mistress. I return to Mistress Chloe because of her mastery of those moments.

Take the stretching of limits. This is an issue identified by many Mistresses as something they are aware of. How many Pro Domme ads mention that the Mistress will respect your limits, but stretch them. How is that done? Isn’t it a contradiction of sorts to respect limits but then, break past them? I would suggest it is, at least if the limit was real in the first place. Choosing when and how to stretch or move past a limit with each individual submissive is not just a matter of skill or experience. Choosing that moment to stretch a limit requires exquisite intuition – “NOW, my submissive, we will move on to this”……

And so Mistress Chloe has done with me. I realize I am not relating blow by blow details of my session, but that is because each sub comes to a Mistress with their own tangle of compulsions and it is up to the Domme to address the needs of the individual. I have encountered some Mistresses who rely on “cookbook domination”, who clearly use the same recipe over and over. The recipe may be tried and true, but it is formulaic none the less. What makes those sessions something less than they could be is those Mistresses are not in the moment with me. As a result, they are not usually going to usher me into subspace. I may have an ok time, but that experience is different one than I am talking about.

I only get "in the moment" domination with Mistress Chloe. How she has the energy to expend on such individual moments in each session I’ll never know, but it is the reason I return. Clearly, Mistress Chloe also has the passion to help her be in the moment of her sessions.

Here’s an example – my sessions with Mistress Chloe might be described as being more on the sensual side, something akin to tease and denial. In these sessions I am “seduced” into performing as Mistress Chloe’s wishes. It might be her voice, her proximity, many things, but the essential point is that she urges.. and I obey. On what I believe was our third session, things were flowing along and I was doing all the tasks she requested. No hesitation, no topping from the bottom. She merely needed to make a suggestion and I would comply– I was being “good”. As always happens with Mistress Chloe, I was starting to enter subspace. All of a sudden, Mistress Chloe changes tone and becomes commanding, stern, almost cold....not shouting, but issuing short emphatic commands with some choice swearing mixed in. There is no mistaking it, I am being punished, first verbally and then in other ways. In contrast to what had been her usual style of dominating me in our prior sessions and in the session I am referencing up to that point, it was almost brutal, and certainly startling – I was shocked. After the initial shock of being brought up short, I realized I was now occupying a deeper level of subspace than the comfort zone I had been in. In addition, I was also aware that one of the limits I previously had was now in the rear view mirror. Mistress Chloe had intuited that for this particular limit, I was not going to be eased into it, or stretched by doing the same old same old – I needed a shock. I got one. That was not just experience or knowing me, that was intuition.

The timing was perfect. Another great thing about Mistress Chloe is the variety of complete personas she can inhabit. Speaking for myself, it is the natural variety of these personas and methods that makes my personal exploration of my submissive self a successful one.

There is a reason Mistress Chloe has universal respect on any board, forum or place that discusses domination – and for me, the characteristic that separates Mistress Chloe from other beautiful, skilled and experienced dommes is her exquisitely tuned intuition, a gift she has and if you are lucky, one she will share with you.”

—posted by Manservant2 on Max Fisch, December 2017

Ms. Chloe